IBM Portable PC

How to move with modern times and take your PC with you.

The IBM Portable Personal Computer is the first IBM PC system you can pick up and take with you. Across town or across the hall. Or put away easily for another day.

It's a powerful system, with 256KB of user memory (expandable to 512KB) and a slimline double-sided diskette drive (and room for another). Plus a built-in 9" monitor with easy-to-read amber characters. Text and graphics capability and 83-key keyboard.

All fitted into a sturdy, transportable case that's easy to handle and park.

The IBM of portable personal computers, make no mistake about it, this is a true IBM PC. Which means it is part of the same dependable family as the IBM Personal Computer, the IBM PC/XT and the new IBM PCjr. And that means you can use many IBM Personal Computer Software programs to help you reach yourgoals.

All this and five expansion slots, ready to accept expanded memory, printers and other useful IBM Personal Computer options, which should keep you rolling far into the future.