TI's new Basic Computer, the one to start with and get smart with.

Under $100 meet the lowest priced, 16-bit computer available. A major breakthrough in computer technology.TI992

Only the TI-99/2 Basic Computer with built-in TI BASIC has plug-in solid state cartridge that teaches you, step by step, the basics of programming. And the operator's manual is clear and to the point. You learn quickly, because it doesn't assume you're an engineer.

A real computer. Powerful 4K memory. Full-size, 48-key keyboard. Quality, flicker-free black and white display. With a choice of popularsoftware applications.

Easily expandable. When you're ready for more, plug in more memory (an additional 32K). Add a Wafertape Drive or Cassette Program Recorder. Modem for telecommunications. Printer. And a plug-in cartridge that teaches you how to program in TI BASIC.

Money well-spent. If you're wondering if this is the right computer for you, touch the keyboard, look at the display, watch this powerful computer at work. Even compare it to the Timex Sinclair 1000, the other computer under $100. Convince yourself.