More capabilities than any other personal computer under $1,000.

Compare the built-in features of te ATARI 800 with other leading personal computers. Whether you program it yourself or user pre-programmed cartridges or cassettes , the ATARI 800 gives you more for your money.

Run your own programs? Easy. Just plug in the 8K BASIC or optional Assembler language cartridge, and go. They're ROM based. That means more RAM for your programs.

Also including with the ATARI 800 is an internal speaker and four separate sound channels, FCC approval, a built-in RF modulator, the ATARI 410 Program Recorder and high speed serial I/O.

Peripherals? Add up to 48K of user installable RAM. Or up to four individually accessible floppies. A high-speed printer. And more to come.

Graphics programs? No problem. The ATARI 800 offers 128 color variations: 16 colors in 8 luminance levels. Plus 29 keystroke graphics symbols and 8 graphics modes. All controlled from a 57 characters ASCII keyboard. With upper and lower case.

Or, program it our way. There are exciting programs available and many more on the way for the ATARI 800. Business programs. Entertainment. And with the 410 audio/didgtal recorder, you can add Atari's unique Talk & Teach Educational System cassettes.

Your way or our way, you'll find that the ATARI 800 is probably the most powerful computer that $999.99 can buy.

And with that power, you get dependability. Dependability built into Atari's custom designed and fully-tested LSI circuitry and lower component count, (less components, less chance for failure). But if anything ever does go wrong, you'll find a complete network service facilities waiting for you throughout the country.