The peace of mind computer

Introducing the third generation computer... the all.new QDP-300. Now, you can rest assured you've found the most advanced microcomputer on the market today. The QDP-300 is a user-friendly system - its on-line "Help" system gives even intrained operators access to its full power. It uses CP/M* and MP/M* operating systems that assure the user of an abundance of compatible software. The QDP-300 even has a dual voltage system that allows worldwide operation (115 or 220 volts) at the flick of a switch. For word processing financial forecasting, engineering design and manufacturin,g inventory, payroll, bookkeeping and more.

The QDP-300 will work hard for you for years and years to come. It's also comforting to know that the QDP-300 is fully expandable and readily upgradeable as your computer needs grow. There's even more. It might make you sleep better to know that the QDP-300 is backed by one year, on-site warranty service performed by the Installation and Service Engineering Division of the General Electric Company, with more than 50 service locations nationwide.

More Flexibility - Easily upgradeable to 16 bit capability which gives the user 8 or 16 bit operation. IEEE 696/S-100 Bus.

More Speed - Unique "cache memory" disk operation makes the QDP-300 one of the fastest operational 8 bit systems on the market.

More Power - Advanced single board design utilizing Z80B** CPU operating at 6 MHz.

More Storage - Dual 8 floppy disk drives provide a total of 2.4 MB of formatted storage (10 MB and 15 MB internal hard disk system optional; 30 MB external hard disk system also available).