Sharp PC-1500

The amazing pocket computer. In living color.

Sharp's new PC-1500 may look like a programmable calculator but it's really a computer, small enough to fit in your pocket. A computer with specifications that, not long ago, would have been exciting in a considerably larger personal computer.

The PC-1500 has 26KJ bytes of RAM, expandable by means of plug-in modules to either 6.6K or 10.6K.

It has 16K bytes of ROM, which provides a version of Extended BASIC that handles two-dimensional arrays, program chaining and other advanced features.

Then there's an optional, incredible, pocket-sized, four-color printer. It prints out computer-generated curves, graphs, pie charts, drawings, just about anything in red, green, black and blue and nine selectable character sizes.

That's in addition to the built-in liquid crystal display (7x156 dot) which can show almost anything, including game symbols, bar charts and so on.

And there 's a dual audio-cassette interface for loading and saving programs.

The amazing Sharp PC-1500. It has so much capacity for such a small size that the definition of a personal computer may now have to be changed to a computer you can keep on your person.